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Frequently asked questions.

What type of metal do you use?

Our stainless steel combs are crafted from AISI type 304 Stainless Steel manufactured here in the US. The material conforms to American Institute of Steel and Iron standards and is used in a wide variety of applications including; flatware, surgical equipment, food handling equipment, beer kegs and dairy equipment. 

About Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is formulated in many different alloys for many different applications. All stainless steels have a minimum content of Chromium to provide corrosion resistance. Stainless steel has a beautiful luster.

Our titanium combs are crafted from ASTM Grade 5 Titanium Alloy. This material conforms to ASTM (American Society for Testing & Materials) standards and is used in the aerospace industry as well as in biomedical implants.

About Titanium

Titanium as an element was discovered in 1791 and named after the Titans of Greek mythology. The two most useful properties of the metal are corrosion resistance and strength-to-density ratio, the highest of any metallic element. 

Our brass alloy combs are crafted from Marine Grade Naval Brass. It is widely used for marine hardware, pump and propeller shafts and rivets. 

About Brass  

Brass was created by man thousands of years ago and has been appreciated for its strength, corrosion resistance and beautiful gold color since its discovery. The heft of the material immediately confers strength and timeless quality. Simply put, brass just feels good in your hand. Brass is non-ferromagnetic so it is often used in precision instruments; telescopes, watches, compasses, etc. Brass is a an alloy of copper, zinc and sometimes other trace elements depending on the alloy.

Brass is an excellent material for a comb. Unlike wooden or plastic, a brass comb will last for many generations with just a little care. Brass forms a natural patina depending on the environment it is in and can always be polished to maintain a bright finish. To keep your brass comb looking naturally beautiful, simply wipe it clean with a cloth and some mild soap and water.

How do you get your combs so smooth?

It's in the design and the workmanship.

We design our combs with your comfort in mind.  The teeth of our combs are double beveled on the tip and have a smooth rounded radius between the teeth at the tooth root. This makes for a comb that picks up hair easily but will not snag, shave or bind the hair as it passes between the teeth and comes in contact with the comb spine.

Every comb we make is hand ground, filed, sanded and polished to remove any sharp edges or corners. In fact, we have a rigorous 17 step process to make sure your comb is smooth and comfortable. Regardless of the final finish or material type, every single one of our combs has its teeth polished to ensure there are no sharp points or unfinished edges. We use a Burr King belt grinder and a Baldor polisher (both machines made in the USA), but most importantly we use a heavy dose of elbow grease. There is no substitute for time and effort when it comes to finishing our combs. 

We do not outsource the critical finishing process step and no other metal comb manufacturer does all this work in their own shop. 

Simply put, our combs are the most finely finished metal combs available.

What is the difference between the High Polish and Burnished finish?

The high polish surface is reflective, almost like a mirror. The burnished finish is a smooth, non-reflective finish similar to the well-worn handrail at a train station. The burnished finish is less likely to show finger prints and has an aged, "patina" look.  Both of these finishes are smooth and easy on your hair and whiskers.

Do you offer a Satin, Brushed or Sand Blasted finish?

Absolutely not! Those finishes look nice to the naked eye but under a microscope they look like a metal file or rasp.  You wouldn't want to comb your hair with a nail file or a cheese grater.

What are the dimensions of your combs?

Our standard size combs measure between 4 1/2 and 5 3/8 inches wide and are about 1/10th of an inch thick. We also sell compact combs which are smaller in size. Our compact combs are about 2 1/2 inches wide. The width of each comb is detailed in the specifications section of each description.

Do you make custom combs?

Yes, send an email to to discuss options or read more on our Custom Shop page.

I own a retail shop, do you wholesale your combs?

We only wholesale to select brick and mortar retailers but are not adding any new stockists at this time.  

How do I best care for my comb?

Clean your comb from time-to-time with dish soap and warm water. Dry completely with a soft cloth or microfiber towel. 

How are the combs packed and shipped?

All combs are packed in a custom card stock pochette style envelope which is placed inside of an unmarked envelope (suitable for gift giving). The envelope is inserted inside of a foam sleeve, which is carefully packed in a cardboard box for shipping to guarantee that your comb arrives undamaged.

We ship USPS priority mail with tracking from our California shop to US addresses and USPS first class mail to international destinations. These options can be selected at checkout. If your home country is not listed as an option upon checkout, please contact us at

We are not responsible for lost items but tracking is provided.

Do you ship outside the US?

Yes, we ship worldwide.