Standard XL MGB (Solid Brass)

Standard XL MGB (Solid Brass)

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Our Standard XL comb in Marine Grade Brass has a classic, dual tooth, design. Use the wider teeth for de-tangling and longer beards. Use the medium tooth spacing for general grooming.

Offered in a tumble polished finish and stamped on one side with the Metal Comb Works logo. The brass will darken with age naturally.


  • Solid Marine Grade Naval Brass (not plated steel like others)

  • Crafted from 1/8” thick plate

  • 5" wide

  • Dual tooth spacing; medium and wide

  • Optional Horween leather sheath in tan or black

  • Brass foil stamped gift box included

  • Works in either the right or left hand

  • Made in USA


Optional Leather Sheath:
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About Brass  

Brass was created by man thousands of years ago and has been appreciated for its strength, corrosion resistance and beautiful gold color since its discovery. The heft of the material immediately confers strength and timeless quality. Simply put, brass just feels good in your hand. Brass is non-ferromagnetic so it is often used in precision instruments; telescopes, watches, compasses, etc. Brass is a an alloy of copper, zinc and sometimes other trace elements depending on the alloy.

Brass is an excellent material for a comb. Unlike wood or plastic, a brass comb will last for many generations with just a little care. Brass forms a natural patina depending on the environment it is in and can always be polished to maintain a bright finish. To keep your brass comb looking naturally beautiful, simply wipe it clean with a cloth and some mild soap and water.