Skeleton 22 (Titanium)

Skeleton 22 (Titanium)

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Our Skeleton 22 comb is bare bones when it comes to weight but is full-bodied utilitarian beauty.  

The spine of the comb has been "skeletonized" to remove unnecessary material and provide an excellent grip.  

Offered in a machine worked burnished finish.  


  • Titanium Alloy
  • 5 3/8" wide
  • Medium-wide tooth spacing
  • Skeletonized spine
  • Gift box included
  • Made in USA
Leather Sheath:
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About Titanium

Titanium was discovered in the late 1700's and named after the Titans of Greek mythology. The chemical element has the atomic number 22, hence the number 22 in the description of our titanium combs. Commercially pure titanium is equivalent in strength to common low grade steels, but when alloyed with other elements it becomes extremely strong with an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.

We use Grade 5 titanium alloy for our combs because of its superior properties as compared to pure titanium. Grade 5 is titanium alloyed with 6% Al and 4% vanadium. This material is commonly used to manufacture medical devices, aerospace components and other parts that benefit from light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance.