Horween Leather Sheaths & Wallets

Horween Leather Sheaths & Wallets

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We are proud to offer a sheath that is handcrafted; hand cut, hand stamped and individually machine stitched in the USA.

Crafted in Arlington, Texas from US sourced leather, our leather sheaths are the highest quality and thicker than most others offered in the market.

Our No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 sheaths will cover the full length of the comb so the entire surface is protected.  The stitching is strategically positioned on the TOP seam so the comb teeth will not snag on the thread.  (It would have been easier to sew the sheath along the bottom edge with a straight stitch, but that's not how we do it at Metal Comb Works.)  A reinforcing, back-stitch secures the top seam to ensure rugged durability.  

Our No. 4 Sheath is crafted to allow the top portion of our compact titanium combs to be exposed for easy access and to reveal a little bit of its style.  The seams are along the sides so the teeth will not snag on the thread.

Our Card Holder with comb pocket is great for holding your ID and a few cards. The backside of the holder has a convenient pocket for holding any of our compact size combs (sold separately). Crafted from Horween leather just like our sheaths, the Card Holder is handsome and durable.

Each sheath is made from genuine Horween leather which has natural variation and character throughout the material.

Offered in tan or black. 

If you are buying a comb, select the sheath at the time you select your comb for ease of ordering.  


  • Horween Leather
  • Machine stitched
  • Combs sold separately
  • Cow approved
  • Made in USA


The No. 1 sheath fits the following comb models:

  • Skeleton
  • Hot Rod
  • Thunderbird
  • Voyageur

The No. 2 sheath fits the following comb models:

  • Skull & Bones
  • Skull Opener
  • Sailor
  • Sailor Opener
  • Spirit
  • Thunderbird LT
  • Camp Comb
  • Camp Comb Opener 

The No. 3 sheath fits the following comb models:

  • Small Block
  • Flathead
  • Flathead Opener
  • Standard

The No. 4 sheath fits the following comb models:

  • Compact Camp Comb 
  • Compact Sailor Comb
  • Compact Skull & Bones

The Card Holder comb pocket accepts any of the following compact combs:

  • Mini, Popper, Split or Key Comb


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