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Comb Club - 1 Year Subscription
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Comb Club - 1 Year Subscription
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Our 1 year subscription plan allows you to own 4 of our artisan combs, including as yet unreleased models. We will send four shipments, 1 each quarter, for 1 year. The first comb will be one of your choice; any model, any material we currently offer with the exception of the Mercury Skull comb. The other 3 will be a surprise but all will be different models. Our combs make excellent gifts or keep them all for yourself.

The first comb will be shipped when your order is placed. At the end of each of the next 3 quarters you will receive the balance of your subscription. All combs are shipped USPS first class mail with tracking, this includes international shipments. Each comb is packed in a handcrafted card stock sleeve and placed inside a custom slide tray box for gift giving.

Are you a Brass or Titanium lover? Select the Brass Only or Titanium Only material option. This way you will only receive combs made from your favorite material.

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  • 4 artisan metal pocket combs

  • Your choice of Brass Only, Titanium Only or a variety of materials including stainless steel

  • Foil stamped gift box included with each comb

  • You only pay shipping on the first comb

  • Made in USA

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